Guess and win!

Which pattern of mine is in the picture? Register on my website, write the name of the pattern in a comment with your registered username and you can win the pattern! A random number generator will pick a lucky winner at 8 p.m. (Central European Time) today (December 19, 2013).

Please note: the comments won't be visible until 8 p.m. It wouldn't be fun if you could see what the others wrote ;) So please don't comment multiple times :)

Why register? Because if you register, I'll know your email address and will be able to send the pattern to you if you win. Don't worry, your mailbox won't be flooded with newsletters, I'm always behind with sending those out anyway ;)

EDIT TO ADD: Thank you so much for participating :) It's 8 p.m., time for the random number generator to pick the winner! The pattern in the picture is Latte Macchiato. And the winner: Martha.jane :) Congrats! I'll add the pattern to your account here on my website and also email it to you via ravelry. 

Thank you

Thank you is very much!  I can't wait to cast on.  Martha Jane

Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato

It's latte macchiatto, I

It's latte macchiatto, I think

Love the photo and I think

Love the photo and I think that the shawl is Latte Macchiato being given a quick swirl.

Guess what is it?


Hello Agnes ! I say it's Sunny with a few clouds :)

It's your beautiful Latte

It's your beautiful Latte Macchiato.


Latte Macchiato?

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