1000 fans on facebook - GIVEAWAY!

My facebook page has more than 1000 fans! Let's celebrate with a giveaway :)

Which pattern of mine is in the picture? Register on my website, write the name of the pattern in a comment with your registered username and you can win the collection which this pattern is a part of! A random number generator will pick a lucky winner at 5 p.m. (Central European Time) tomorrow (March 6, 2014).

Please note: the comments won't be visible until the draw. It wouldn't be fun if you could see what the others wrote ;) So please don't comment multiple times :) Why register? Because if you register, I'll know your email address and will be able to send the pattern to you if you win. Need help? You can find all my designs hereGood luck! :) And: there will be another giveaway when we reach 1500 ;)

EDIT TO ADD: Thank you so much for participating :) It's 5 p.m., time for the random number generator to pick the winner! The pattern in the picture is Golden Hazel. And the winner: lindaran :) Congrats! I'll add the Hazel Collection to your account here on my website and also email it to you via ravelry. 

1000 Fan Giveaway

Wow! Thank you so much, Agnes, for the beautiful Golden Hazel collection.  I have admired these patterns since they came out and am very happy to have them in my library.  Now to see if there are yarns in my stash that will do justice to these gorgeous designs...Thanks again, Linda

Looks like Golden Hazel to me

Looks like Golden Hazel to me - thanks for the chance to win. deballan

1000 fans Celebration

the pattern´s name is: Golden Hazel. I would love to win because I love this design and all your designs! Thank you very much for everything

Golden Hazel!

This is Golden Hazel, of course!


Golden Hazel

concorso por el Oro Hazel por Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes

muchas gracias por publicar tanta belleza!!el chal Oro Hazel por Àgnes Kutas-Keresztez es magnifico, en verdad me gustaria tener el honor de elaborarlo. ojala me puedan compartir este hermoso patròn, gracias por la oportunidad y suerte a todas!! 


Vanilla Orchid, CreacioneSusanaThanks ♥


This pattern is Golden Hazel. I've been wanting to get this pattern, winning it would be awesome! Congratulations on 1000 fans! 



aquamarine :)  

aquamarine :)  

Golden Hazel :)

Golden Hazel :)


Oh, that's definitely the Golden Hazel from the Hazel Collection! I don't have that pattern but I do have the beret and mitts. :) I was a test knitter for the beret. I love it!!!

1000 fan giveaway

I think that's your Golden Hazel shawl. Such a pretty design!  


Ez a Golden Hazel kendő.


It is Golden hazel, one if my favourites :) 

Give away

Awww...It's Golden Hazel...but I already have the collection!  Just want to say that I LOVE your designs! :)

1000 fans giveaway :)

User name: Annette MelhedePattern:  Golden Hazel shawl 


The pattern shown is Golden Hazel.

játszanék én is. :)Ha nem

játszanék én is. :)Ha nem tévedek, akkor a képen a Golden Hazel kendő van. 


Golden Hazel from the Hazel collection.I like it very much, good work.


Ez az Aquamarine!

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